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Name: Skyler (Scooter) Azul

Age: 56 years old, 25 January

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Symbol: Shattered white glass, surrounded by a circle of blue flames.

Influence: Lefteri

Occupation: Professional outlaw. Scooter is the getaway car. He knows every car, truck, and airship ever made inside and out and is considered nearly untouchable once inside anything with an engine by the police.

Scooter is also a demolitions expert, and will often not charge his clients or lower the initial price if the explosion turns out to be big enough.

Appearance: Scooter is an old man, complete with slightly saggy skin and wrinkles. This has not however gotten rid of the muscles he has spent his life building up. His hair has completely greyed and he has grown out a big beard that reaches down to the middle of his pectoral muscles.

His body is littered with scares and tattoos from all the gangs he has joined up with in his long life of crime and thrill seeking. Most prominent of these tattoos are; a black and red snake curled around his left arm from his hand to his shoulder with the head reaching all the way to his chest and is depicted eating his heart, a chain wrapped around his neck in a choking motion, a broken grandfather clock on his right shoulder, and a knife carving out a message into his back “try me at your own risk”.

As stated Scooter is muscled, almost bulky, at his height of 5 ft 6 in. He often wears little in terms of clothing, preferring a plain light blue t-shirt with no design and a simple pair of baggy jeans. Add in his brown cowboy boots and you have his 7-day long look. Any additional items on him is mission essential, so typically a bunch of guns and car keys.

History: Scooter grew up within Menagerie, an extremely poor part of the world where one had to be strong, both physically and mentally, in order to survive. Being a Faunus heavy population, being forced there by situations created by hateful humans, Scooter and his family were not welcomed by their neighbors and never received help from the cummonity, not even when they were robbed of both their money and their food. Five times this happened; five times, they were left to fend for themselves. Despite this Scooter never once felt hatred for the Faunus as a whole, and after a falling out with his father at 17 he took off on his own through the forests in an attempt to reach a kingdom to call home.

After arriving in Vacuo, Scooter very quickly learned his life has made him stronger than most around him. Now Skyler Azul never once in his life claimed to be a moral person, and he sure did not start there. He quickly found his way to low-level gang’s hide out and offered them his services in exchange for food and later membership. After a few quick jobs of holding up small stores and collecting a decent haul, he was made a member of his first gang, and this would mark the beginning of his true life.

For the next 20 years, Scooter would indulge in a life of crime, drugs, money, fun, and he has never been happier in his entire life. He learned everything he needed to know from experience and he fellow gang members. He became a master mechanic, an expert in firearms, a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, and has built himself high enough in the criminal underground that he quite his gang became a solo mercenary for hire, however he does give his old gang a VERY generous discount. This solo act has led to many crazy adventures in his lifetime, most of them entail running from the police and never once being caught after getting into a vehicle of any sort.

Years later (almost current time) he meet up with a strange hunter team, ZEUS, believing they were there to finally put an end to his life of crime and fun. After about 3 hours of fighting them off with fire and daring escapades throughout the city of Atlas they finally caught up with him to inform him that they were not hunters, and instead wanted to start a mercenary gang, with him as their ride. Seeing this as the next and possible the most exciting chapter of his as of yet, he happily agreed, and has sense been doing many jobs for rich clients as well as Juniors gang, awkward seeing as Scooter has screwed him over in the past…..three different times.


Personality: Scooter is unstable. There is no denying that his years of constant adrenaline, drinking, smoking, and the occasional snort of some dust has caused him to belong in an asylum…..a very, very, very heavily guarded asylum. He takes an almost sexual joy in screwing over the police and the rich rulers of the kingdoms and is constantly laughing at pretty much anything that goes their way.

He is slightly rude, easily distracted by shiny things (and cars), impulsive, a (not on Zeke’s level though), and one of the most loyal friends you will ever make in your life time.

Strength: Scooter has taken out hordes of police officers and rival gang members single handedly thanks to his unpredictable nature and his sheer determination to finish his job regardless of what has to be done. When he isn’t taking a joy ride or getting his passengers the ride of their life he is on the ground fighting. Moreover, he has a very special way of fighting. Never ending gunfire. He is a expert on nearly all types of fire arms and is also a master at demolition and explosions. His insanity leads to him defying all odds, often winning his fights simply because his enemies never considered that a mortal man would be stupid enough to do some of the things he does.

Weakness: Scooter is NOT a hunter. He is NOT a hunter in training. He is essentially a very brave, strong, and lucky gang banger. This puts him at a serious disadvantage in fights with actual huntsmen. Students he seems to be able to handle just fine, but if a pro shows up his first instinct is to find a vehicle and get his ass out of there.

Semblance: He only recently awakened his semblance due to never really thinking he needed one, therefore he has not mastered it. He has the ability to harden anything he is in direct contact with. There is no adjusting how hard the object gets; it is set to a proportional scale. For example, his regular shirt can become a bulletproof vest.

This is not last forever though, as the longer he uses it the lower his aura gets.


Again, Scooter is by no means a hunter. Therefor he holds more than just one weapon at all times. This is a list of his favorites over the years.


SIG-Sauer P226

SIG-Sauer P229

Beretta M9A1

Glock 19


Mossberg 500

Remington 870

Benelli M4 Super 90

M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System


Heckler & Koch MP5K

Heckler & Koch MP5SD

Colt 9mm SMG



M4A1 Carbine

Close Quarters Battle Receiver



Mk 48 Mod 0


And many different types of grenades and other throw able explosives



Boom boom boom boom, bang bang, boom.
RWBY OC:Skyler (Scooter) Azul The getaway car
The lunatic with car keys, this man will get you anywere you need to be, especially if thats away from the cops.
Name: Victoria (Victory) Zek (the Z in team ZEUS)

Age: 25 years old, 4 January

Gender: Female

Species: Faunus

Symbol: A fist with bloody knuckles.

Influence: Ate

Occupation: Professional outlaw. Victoria specializes in bodyguard missions and general destruction. She is also the leader off her mercenary group which consists of team ZEUS, Scooter (the getaway car), and Sarah Husk. They are currently looking for recruitments.

Appearance: She is a Faunus, with long brown hair kept in a ponytail and a brown cattail. She is tall at about 6 ft 3 in. I do not feel like describing her body as it makes me feel like pervert so here is the first picture off google I could find that fit her body type. Mildly nsfw picture will be linked in description, was only one I could find that fit my mental image. Finding the right muscular structure was hard

Anyway moving on. She has a scar that runs from left temple down to her collarbone, the product of an ursa major outside of the kingdom. Also possesses many smaller scars on her knuckles and forearms. Typical attire consists of a pair of baggy black jeans and a brown shirt with mountain range designs on the bottom hem and at the end of the two sleeves. Over this, she wears a brown jacket. Chosen footwear is black combat boots and accessories consist of a chain necklace with a silver hammer at the end and a small decorative ribbon she uses to tie her hair given to her by her grandmother. Most would describe her as drop dead gorgeous even with all the scars.

History: Victoria Zek grew up in a small village outside of the kingdoms just outside of Atlas with her best friend Zeke Sere(the S in team ZEUS). Being raised outside the kingdoms protective walls it was required of them to learn how to fight early on in order to survive.

While her life outside the kingdom was rough, Victoria was never unhappy with her situation. She has a friend, loving parents, and “the greatest grandmother to ever grandmother” as she puts it. In fact, she has learned that she prefers life to be hard, seeing no point in everything being easy.

She quickly realized that her ability to fight was a little beyond her years, especially her hand-to-hand combat. She also discovered during a near death experience fighting an ursa major, getting a big scar in the process, that she actually enjoys fighting for her life. During an outing with Zeke to place some motion sensor bombs (after yelling at him for 3 hours for not installing an off switch, on the first one which ended in a building no longer existing) around the village to protect against Grimm at 14 years old they got separated from their guide. Trying to finish their job and find their guide at the same time, they were attacked by three beowolves. Together they took care of them pretty easily but while she was going overkill with the second beowolf (it was graphic) the last one attempted to kill her from the back, only stopped after Zeke nearly sacrificed his left arm to save his friend and stab the monster in the brain. After this she had the epiphany that she needs to not only get stronger to take better care of her friends (this was decided while Zeke was in a hospital) and that the only way to do that was to attend official combat schools in Atlas.

During her second year in Atlas she got in a fight with sever upper classmen who wanted to tear her tail off. While a teacher did eventually arrive to stop it, the upper classmen did manage to break her war hammer beyond repair. Lucky for her there was no sentimental value; she literally just bought it so she could get entry into special weapons classes because she knew that one day she would require such skill. After this event, she requested Zeke that he build her a new set of weapons, but did not want another hammer. What she got in return would be her weapon for the rest of her life (provided Zeke keeps adjusting it to her size/age).

During their third year at Atlas his team decided to quit the academy. After seeing how little the officials were doing to fix the underlying social issues, and how little the kingdoms actually got along they had no desire to serve them anymore, so they decided to use their newly acquired skills to be the best band of mercenaries they could be. They will not do anything though, they do have standards. They will not kill anyone under 16, they will not steal from charity and the likes, and if they so much as hear of a hate crime about to happen, they will go on a shooting spree. While being a freelance group they primarily work for Junior, as the E of the team is his "adoptive" nephew (no blood relation just really close)

Personality: Victoria is a strict yet fair leader, having no qualms about breaking the law yet having standards about whom she and her followers work for. She is easy to hang around, as long as no one gets too flirty with her. While being the definition of blood thirsty in battle, she is quite calms and serine in public and only really gets out of hand in situations where bigotry is involved or seeing someone trying to take advantage of the wrong people (honor among thieves after all)

Having no real preferences of people to hang around, as long as they are decent and fun to be around. Being straightforward and generally stubborn, she is the person you go to if you need something to be done. All of this aside, Victoria possesses a very strong instinct to nurture, treating her gang as though they were family, and planes on adopting when she eventually gives up her life of crime.

Strength: Victoria is a monster. Her physical strength alone is ridiculous, thus why she fights hand to hand with little help of her weapon. Strong stance, very fast, and the durability of a reinforced steel door, Victoria has earned her nickname Victory. When in the academy she wanted to go out into the deep forests and thin out the Grimm before they became a problem for the small villages that existed out there, and her fighting style reflects this, as she is dangerous to be around while fighting. Thrashing around her power over the battlefield, throwing her enemies all over the place, and generally just being chaos personified, only those who have trained with her for years can seem to fight alongside her.

Weakness: As stated there are extremely few who can fight alongside such a wild person, making outnumbering her very easy. She also is horrible in small areas were moving is essentially a bad idea (such as rooftops and cliff sides) and if cornered can be more manageable, but not automatically beaten. Staying at range can also be a problem as she is not the greatest marksman in the world.

Semblance: Many think that her amazing strength is her semblance, but in actuality, she just hits the gym. Her true semblance is the ability to heat up her body to extreme temperatures. In combination with her close-ranged style this can be a very deadly position to be in, however she does not use it all the time because she describes it as uncomfortable, almost to the point of painful. It ca also damage her weapon.


Name: Destruction

Primary Form: The primary form of Destruction is very similar to the jaws of life
With a 4 foot long stock with a handle on one end and another end that separates into 2 wedges. Each wedge is about half a foot wide on the outside edge (which is used to beat people into submission, or dead if the situations calls for it) that narrows down into a razor sharp edge on the inner edge. The two inner edges are kept about a foot apart and a common strategy is to trap an opponent’s neck inside, which will quickly cause a decapitation when Victoria presses a button a causes the two wedges to close together at extremely high speeds using hydraulic technology.

Secondary Form: There is not much of a transformation for this weapon, not being much of a long-range fighter. Destruction has a barrel inside the stock that slightly extends from between the two wedges. The handle folds slightly into the bottom of the stock, thus creating a shoulder rest for the weapon. Basically, the final result is an automatic rifle, and is just as inaccurate.

History: Requested to be made by her best friend after the destruction of her basic war hammer, this weapon has served her greatly over the years, to the point to it is now one of her prized possessions. She named the weapon Destruction, in memory of the


Jaws of Life with an assault rifle duct taped to it.
Victoria (Victory ) Zek (the Z in team ZEUS)
Here is the picture        It is the only one I could find with the correct body type, typing in muscular women on google images doesn't pull up the best variety.
Name: Zeke Sere

Age: 23 years old, 31 October

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Inspired by: Hephaestus

Symbol: A lighting bolt shooting through a gear piece.
Occupation: Professional outlaw. Specializes in thievery and breaking into anything with a microchip. Will work for most anyone for the right price but primarily works for Junior’s gang because of a shared friendship.

Also runs an black market tech ring, he will build or steal any type of machinery or code any sort of program (such as bank account crackers) and sell them to anyone who requests such items.
Appearance: Zeke is a tall man at around 6 ft 5 in. He has mid length (average anime length) black spiky-ish hair, a cybernetic left eye, and is the definition of lean build having an active dislike of bulky muscular structures. Most would describe Zeke as handsome, but nothing too special.

He is often seen wearing he black jacket that reaches to his mid-thigh (this is where he keeps his entire set of tools) a baggy white shirt, and black jeans with his symbol on his outer right thigh. He exclusively wears combat boots unless he is hiding from someone (typically the law) and when he needs to stay hidden, he wears a dark pair of sunglasses to hide his eye.

A Grey belt and a grey magnetic strap that reaches around his torso (around his right shoulder to on his left wrist) to hold his weapon on his back. A red and black watch on his right wrist and finally a chain necklace with a chunk of metal on the end, this metal is a chunk from an Atlasian Paladin prototype he attempted to steal but unfortunately, it had a pilot inside of it.
History: Zeke grew up with his best friend Victoria (nickname Victory) Zek (the Z in team ZEUS) outside of the kingdoms outside of Atlas. Not having the protective walls required them to learn how to fight early on in life to survive.

It was obvious early on that Zeke was a genius. Not in the sense being a prodigy in fighting, in the sense that his IQ was outrages. At 10 years old, he designed a solar powered generator that powered the, relatively small, village that he lived in so long as it did not rain. Other accomplishments are designing an improved irrigation system for his village at 11, creating a bomb that could be set off my motion detectors at 12 (though he loses credit for accidentally setting them off in the middle of town) and other things a kid shouldn't be messing with.

When he and Victoria reached 12, they decided to plant a few bombs (now with a remote on and off switch) around the village to clear out some Grimm. However, they were separated from their guide (an old man from the village) and were attacked by three Beowolves. While being able to fight them off pretty well on their own, Zeke nearly had his left arm torn off by the last one when it attacked his best friend from behind, killing it with one last stab straight through its brain with his dagger (he quickly decided to upgrade to a sword after that).

After this even they felt powerless, and in order to fix this they left for Atlas to join a combat school and later the Atlas Academy. During their time there, Victoria was dead set on becoming a huntress and Zeke was actually interested in going the military route. They decided to let what happens happen.

During their first year at the academy, Zeke stumbled across a Faunus girl being attacked by a group of bigots. Being the person Zeke is he quickly rushed in to put it nicely...beat the ever living fuck out of them. While dealing with the pests a stray earth dust bullet managed to get past his aura just enough to damage his left eye beyond repair, thus allowing their escape and the little girl quickly lead him to a hospital sense he couldn't concentrate through the pain to get there by himself (I mean come on, that's some painful stuff). Within 3 months, Zeke built a new cybernetic eye and integrated his optic nerve into a data cable that could unplug from the eye if he ever needs to repair. (Dust enhanced morphine is a hell of a painkiller)

During their third year at Atlas, his team decided to quit the academy. After seeing how little the officials were doing to fix the underlying social issues, and how little the kingdoms actually got along they had no desire to serve them anymore, so they decided to use their newly acquired skills to be the best band of mercenaries they could be. They will not do anything though, they do have standards. They won’t kill anyone under 16, they won't steal from charity and the likes, and if they so much as hear of a hate crime about to happen they will go on a shooting spree. While being a freelance group they primarily work for Junior, as the E of the team is his "adoptive" nephew (no blood relation just really close)
Personality: Zeke is typically an easygoing person. He is sarcastic, a smart ass, and is generally an ok dude to hang around. He is extremely nerdy and will obsess over little details on things he is a fan off, such as books or tv shows, and will often sink into his own little world as he thinks of different projects to start working on.

However he is easy to piss off if the wrong type of person gets too close to him, and he has no qualms about punching people out cold.
Strength: As stated Zeke is a genius, given enough time he could build any machine to do anything (physically possible) and uses this to his advantage, often carrying a wide array of different experiments in his jacket pockets. Zeke is strong, as a hunter should be (only skipped one year of training), and can easily take on a non-trained fighter and can even hold his own against pros..

Zeke was seriously considering joining the military and his fighting style reflects this, being comprised of rigid yet powerful strikes against his foe, always paying attention to his stance, analyses everything around him, and has a number of rehearsed strategies in his head.
Weakness: Zeke is not the fastest man in the world, and can be beaten if this is taken advantage of. Also his fighting style while effective against the majority of fighters, can't stand up against guerrilla hit and run tactics (think Neon) as he will lose his opponent before he can hit them and if the person is fast could dodge his long range attacks.
Semblance: Zeke's semblance reflects his passion of electronics, by allowing him the generate electricity from his skin. While being unable to do really cool stuff like shoot lightning bolts from his hands (at least not without a certain project he is working on) he can charge anything he is touching. Such as his swords or if he is standing on a metal platform. He will even charge his fist for what he calls his "Taser punch".


Name: Modular Weapons System Base 2.3


Primary Form: (when I say Zeke activates/deactivates the weapon is magnetically powered) A rectangular staff about 6 feet long and 2 and a half inches wide. It stick to the magnetic strap around his torso on his back (a really strong magnetic strap) This staff is comprised of 5 sections. section 1, 2, 4, and 5 are all 6 inches long. Section 3 is the rest. The entire staff as a hole going through the center of it about the size of a rifle barrel opening. Inside section, 3 there are two 4 ft double edged blades. And the entire thing is black in case you haven't guessed, the blades are grey though.

Secondary Form: When time to transform Zeke places the staff back on his back, grabs sections 1 and 5 and activates them. This causes the blades to come down until attached to their new hilts. These short swords have no guard and are not centered. Unlike most blades they are seated on the edges of the hilt, the lefts hand being at the far left and the right at the far right. This is done for mechanical purposes (had to fit in that barrel sized hole dude). Near the hilt of each blade the 4 inches facing him are a serrated, for those just in case moments.

Tertiary Form: When in need of a range option Zeke can activate 1, 2, 4, and 5 together. These form dual pistols with sections 1 and 5 being the grip, ammo (typically lightning dust but he does carry fire reloads), and triggers. Sections 2 and 3 can close off their holes on one side to avoid shooting the bullet the wrong way. Zeke learned that the heard way with Modular Weapons System Base 1.6. Nothing special, just some pistols.


Modifiable parts- (c means carried on him, s means stays at home unless he knows he will need it.) It's called modular for a reason. Zeke purposefully designed this baby for complete changeability. Examples are as follows;

Sai blades that can be used instead of the short swords (c)

a stock to replace sections 1 and 2, a scope that fits on section 3, and an extended barrel that replaces section 4 and 5. This turns his weapon into a very long-range sniper rifle (s) takes too long to change in battle, even with help

spikes to replace section 1, 2, 4, and 5 to make a double sides spear of sorts (c)

and others nothing over powered as he is a thief and typically tried to avoid combat at all.

History: Zeke has always been a fan of modular systems, believing they are the most efficient systems in the world. His philosophy of efficiency over making things look good shows in his non stylish yet extremely effective weapon, which he is always upgrading and designing either new parts or a new base. Right now, he rather likes base 2.3.


the weapon is a rectangular staff that can turn into either dual swords or dual pistols, and can change parts to make other weapons.
RWBY OC: Zeke Sere (the S in team ZEUS)
This is my first attempt at a RWBY OC. Based off me and Hephaestus and limited to the laws of Remnant. Zeke my be the last letter but he is second in command of his team.


ComplexEvil's Profile Picture
United States
I'm a weird person that no one really understands except my closest friends, and even they have trouble understanding me. I'm not afraid to admit I'm a pervert (as you can see in my favorites/stories) but my mind doesn't only think about sex (ok maybe a little).
I like to think that i have a logical mind that's rare to find in the modern world, yet I do NOT feel that I'm superior to anyone. In fact my self confidence isn't all that great. I do not believe in true peace yet I also do not enjoy war. Anyone who ever meet me seems to like me but I don't know why. I'm NOT a very social person, but i do enjoy the company of my friends.
I am currently going to LA Tech for an electrical engineering degree. I always get a feeling of satisfaction when able to fix something so an engineering job is perfect for me. I am great with computers as well and can usually fix any problem in about 10 minutes.

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